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Chemical Check Dangerous goods

External dangerous goods officer

Transport documents, instructions, security plans

The Dangerous Goods Officer Ordinance (GbV) regulates the appointment of dangerous goods officers in companies. As soon as your company is involved in the transport of dangerous goods and you have been assigned duties as a participant in the GGVSEB, you must appoint at least one dangerous goods officer in writing, unless you can claim an exemption under § 2 GbV.

Chemical Check GmbH will support you with the tasks that arise on a daily basis, e.g. preparation of transport documents / IMO declarations, instruction of your employees, preparation of security plans in accordance with chapter 1.10 ADR.

We are also at your side when preparing dangerous goods consignments, as well as for packaging, marking and labelling.

By providing external dangerous goods officers, Chemical Check GmbH gives you security through competent advice and service. On-site inspections, instruction of your employees, as well as telephone advice (dangerous goods service telephone) and much more are included in our services

Take advantage of our experience in the dangerous goods sector and contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Trainings / Instruction

Dangerous goods legislation requires that persons involved in the transport of dangerous goods must be instructed in road transport in accordance with ADR Chapter 1.3 and in maritime transport in accordance with IMDG Code 1.3 before commencing their activities.

This means that not only the persons involved in loading, packing and marking must be instructed, but also those who are responsible for drawing up the transport documents / IMO declarations. The instructions must be carried out in a task-related manner and the personnel must also receive appropriate safety instructions in accordance with ADR Chapter 1.10.

A detailed description of the contents of the instruction given must be kept by both the employer and the employee. The Chemical Check GmbH dangerous goods officers also carry out in-house training at your premises. Please contact us!

Innovations in dangerous goods law

The regulations in the dangerous goods law change every two years, in the area of air transport even every year. If you want to be up to date, you need the latest regulations in the form of manuals / CD-ROM etc.

Chemical Check GmbH's dangerous goods officers always take account of changes in the individual areas in their general dangerous goods instructions. We also offer corresponding seminars.

You can find a seminar overview here.

Anyone who has appointed Chemical Check GmbH as a dangerous goods officer also benefits from our monthly dangerous goods newsletter, in which we announce the most important changes.

Benefit from our experience! We will be pleased to bring you up to date with the latest regulations.

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