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24 Hours Emergency Call Number

What does the Chemical Check emergency call number provide?

  • Provision and maintenance of a 24h emergency contact phone number for dangerous goods
  • Carriers road/railway, air and sea
  • Complies to the  US directives (§ 49 CFR 172.604)
  • Opportunity to be entered into the EC safety data sheets as  emergency call number of the company (REACH Annex II 1.4 remains unaffected)
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Hazardous Goods

The transport of hazardous goods by road, railway, inland, sea and air transport is subject to hazardous goods regulations.

The term  „transport“ covers the change of place of the hazardous goods, including stops being necessary by transport conditions and including any layovers due to traffic conditions. Your responsibility in the area of hazardous goods can extend as far as to the penal law.

Chemical Check GmbH gives you more security by capable consulting, answering to all questions concerning provisions for the transport of hazardous goods as well as a constant support by our  safety officers for transport / hazardous goods.

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