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24 Hours Emergency Call Number

What does the Chemical Check emergency call number provide?

  • Provision and maintenance of a 24h emergency contact phone number for dangerous goods
  • Carriers road/railway, air and sea
  • Complies to the  US directives (§ 49 CFR 172.604)
  • Opportunity to be entered into the EC safety data sheets as  emergency call number of the company (REACH Annex II 1.4 remains unaffected)
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Limited Quantity / LQ / LTD QTY

A simple way to ship hazardous goods is the transport on the conditions of the limited quantities, also named as LQ / Limited Quantity / LTD QTY. Whether such a transport is possible depends on the UN number and the packing group.


  • no UN-authorized  packaging is necessary
  • no transport documents are necessary (for sea transport, the IMO-declaration has still to be provided )
  • The driver does not need to have an ADR-certificate and no equipment according to ADR chapter 8.1.4 and 8.1.5

In chapter 3.4 of the ADR and IMDG code you will find the information which regulations such a transport has to comply with.

Also in the sector of the „Limited Quantities“ there have been several alterations regarding the labelling in  2009.
The new label for LQ looks like this:

At least for road transport, the old LQ label may not longer be used since 01.07.2015.

If you need any help with implementing the regulations, Chemical Check’s Safety Officers for Transport /Hazardous Goods will gladly be of service anytime.

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