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Hazardous Substances Law – European and National Regulations

Hazardous Substances Law is a very broad concept and includes all services from purchase of safe marketing of products. REACH, CLP and GHS are very important keywords.

Do you distribute raw materials or mixtures?
Are you internationally active?

A classic production chain can look like this:

  • Purchase of the raw materials
  • Development of the recipe
  • Formulation of the products
  • Labelling
  • International distribution

Chemical Check GmbH supports you in all sectors!
Do you purchase raw materials not only in the EU? Chemical Check GmbH determines your obligations under REACH!

Do you by finished products and merchandise them under your own brand?
Chemical Check GmbH takes over the entire processing with your supplier - from clarifying the confidentiality to the elaboration of the documents regarding hazardous law regulations!

Do you need a first estimation of the labelling? Your formulation shall be optimized regarding hazardous law and transport? - Your team of Chemical Check GmbH calculates and tests for you!

Your EC-safety data sheets / MSDS and hazardous label drafts need to be elaborated? - No matter!
Chemical Check GmbH covers all your sales countries!

You would like to link the EC-safety data sheets / MSDS and hazardous label drafts to your systems? The IT of Chemical Check GmbH will be at your side - we do not know "impossible"!

International sales means:

Registration of your products in the particular sales countries and checking the marketability - you do not know which requirements have to be fulfilled? Chemical Check GmbH takes over your responsibility and registers your products in all desired EU and EEC member states!

The team of Chemical Check GmbH consists of trained specialists from natural scientific areas - chemists, engineers, technicians - we know what is important for you!

REACH, CLP, GHS: That sounds complicated - with the team of Chemical Check GmbH is it not!

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