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Chemical Check Hazardous substances

Hazardous substances

Placing on the market in the context of European legislation

Hazardous substances law is a very broad term and covers all services from purchasing to the safe marketing of products. REACH, CLP and GHS are important keywords for raw materials and chemical products in this context. This also includes, for example, your detergents or biocides.

In international sales, a classic product path covers all steps from purchasing raw materials, developing the formulation and formulation of the product to ensuring marketability, taking into account various aspects such as packaging or required product notifications.

In the process, an initial assessment of the labelling, the examination of possible restrictions on marketing or the examination of possibilities for optimising the formulation in terms of classification and labelling and transport classification can identify stumbling blocks at an early stage. Chemical Check GmbH gives you security at every stage of your process!

Private Label / Re-branding

In re-branding constellations there is usually no knowledge of the raw materials used and the recipe data at the distributor. For this reason, service providers are valuable partners as intermediaries.
Chemical Check GmbH takes over the complete handling with your suppliers - from the clarification of secrecy to the preparation of the documents required by hazardous substances legislation.

What do REACH / CLP / UN-GHS mean for my products?

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Do you distribute substances or mixtures in the EU or in EEA states?

Since 01 June 2017 products may only be placed on the market or made available to third parties if they are classified and labelled according to the CLP Regulation 1272/2008. This applies to the entire supply chain.

The current pictograms are available for download on the website of the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) in various formats.

Since 2017, the CLP Regulation also specifies the requirements for a harmonised European product notification.

The REACH Regulation 1907/2006 regulates the form of the safety data sheets for mixtures in Europe in Annex II as well as authorisations and restrictions on the marketing of mixtures, for example in Annexes XIV and XVII.

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You distribute substances or mixtures worldwide?

Depending on the respective country or region of distribution, national implementations of the UN GHS apply. Depending on the country or region, the implementation of GHS has a different distribution. The respective standard of the country / region is decisive.

The UN GHS can be found on the UNECE website.

Conclusion: GHS actually means "Global Harmonized System" - national or regional differences remain and must be taken into account for the safety data sheets / worldwide safety data sheets and labels.

Further details on safety data sheets and safety data sheets worldwide.

IT system solutions

Tailor-made IT system solutions from our application developers, such as hazardous substance management systems, SQL databases and web services, offer a wide range of options for process optimisation by individually linking hazardous substance legal documents and a wide range of parameters to your ERP or PIM systems. Hazardous material registers, transport parameters for all modes of transport or storage specifications are just a few examples of applications.

From pure document management, transfer of individually defined parameters to the connection to labelling lines, everything is possible - we don't know of any impossible!

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