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Biocides / treated articles / cosmetics

Special product requirements

Biocides / treated articles

The Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) 528/2012 is valid since 01 September 2013.

Approval of active substances

Biocidal active substances are subject to an authorisation procedure at Union level. The approval procedure is carried out by the competent authority of a Member State. The EU plans to re-evaluate all active substances notified to date by 2024 and to approve or, if necessary, not to approve them for use in biocidal products and treated articles. Approval or non-approval is granted per product type.

According to Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), ECHA is responsible for publishing the list of relevant substances and the respective substance and product suppliers.
For all active substances for which an application for authorisation has been submitted, ECHA has published an overview of the current status.

Authorisation of biocidal products

The authorisation of biocidal products is carried out at Member State level. An authorisation granted in one Member State may be extended to other Member States by mutual recognition. With a Union authorisation, a comprehensive authorisation throughout the EU can be granted immediately. Furthermore, authorisations of biocidal product families are possible.

All biocidal products must be authorised before they are placed on the market. Without an authorisation under the Biocidal Products Ordinance (BPD), only those biocidal products whose active substances are still in the review programme until 2024 may continue to be placed on the market. These products must meet the respective national requirements of the member states and must be notified, registered or authorised according to national specifications.
The national regulations of the respective member state in which the product is placed on the market apply to the marketing.

Treated articles

With the Biocidal Products Ordinance (BPD), articles treated with biocidal active substances are recorded and regulated for the first time.
Treated articles are defined as substances, mixtures or products that have been treated with one or more biocidal products or to which one or more biocidal products have been deliberately added.

  • You have biocidal products in your product portfolio
  • You need a national notification/registration/authorisation
  • The biocidal active substance(s) in your product has (have) already been authorised under the Biocidal Products Ordinance (BPD)
  • You have treated articles in your portfolio
  • You are not sure whether your product is a biocidal product or a treated article
  • You are not sure whether your product is a medical device or a drug

The Biocide Regulation (EU) 528/2012 can be found here.


The new Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 is fully valid since 11.07.2013. It means a clear definition of the persons responsible for placing cosmetic products on the market. Important aspects are also the definition of the retailer responsibilities, minimum requirements for the safety assessment and the safety report as well as a new EU uniform notification procedure (CPNP - Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).

You can find the Cosmetic Products Regulation here.

  • You have already revised your safety assessment and made a notification in the CPNP-Cosmetic Products Notificaton portal
  • You need a current safety assessment
  • Your cosmetic products must be notified
  • You want a certificate of marketability

The Chemical Check GmbH team is available to you as a competent partner for your biocides, treated goods and cosmetic products.

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