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Chemical Check Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods


The transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, inland waterway, sea and air is subject to regulations on dangerous goods.

The word “transport” here means the change of location of dangerous goods, including stops made necessary by transport and retention of goods due to traffic. Your responsibility in the area of dangerous goods can extend to criminal law.

A simple way to send dangerous goods is to transport them under the conditions of limited quantity.

Limited Quantity / LQ / LTD QTY

Whether transport is possible under the conditions of limited quantities depends on the UN number and the packing group.


  • No UN-approved packaging necessary
  • no transport document required (in maritime transport an IMO declaration must nevertheless be drawn up)
  • The driver does not need an ADR certificate and does not need the equipment according to ADR chapter 8.1.4 and 8.1.5

Which regulations must be observed for such transport can be found in the ADR and IMDG Code in Chapter 3.4.

The current label for LQ looks like this:

Telephone consultation

In the daily dangerous goods business it is always necessary to be "up-to-date"!

  • Are there any changes in the transport documents that have not yet been observed?
  • Have innovations in the dangerous goods law not yet become known within the company?
  • What must be observed when shipping "Limited Quantities"?
  • Which exceptions can I use?
  • What must be observed when transporting lithium-ion batteries?

Use the Chemical Check GmbH dangerous goods service telephone and receive competent and reliable answers to your questions regarding dangerous goods.

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Chemical Check GmbH gives you security through competent advice, answers to all questions regarding dangerous goods regulations, and constant support from our dangerous goods officers.

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