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Chemical Check Dangerous goods

Lithium-ion batteries

Special requirements and regulations

The topic of lithium-ion batteries has become increasingly important in recent years.

Especially with "defective" lithium batteries a lot has happened. In order to be able to transport a "defective" battery, you may even need a permit from the authorities (defective prototype / defective battery not suitable for transport).

To be able to evaluate a transport of lithium-ion batteries, the following questions must be answered beforehand:

  • Does the battery conform to a tested type (UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, sub-section 38.3) or is it a prototype/small series
  • Is the so-called "test summary" available (mandatory since 01.01.2020)
  • If it is a "defective" battery (if so, is it "transport safe" or not)
  • If it is only the "single" battery or is packed with or in equipment
  • What is the nominal energy in watt hours of the battery

ICAO/IATA has published a separate guide for the air transport of lithium batteries.
In the field of road and sea transport there are a large number of special regulations and packaging instructions.

Chemical Check GmbH will be pleased to help you to clarify all these questions so that you can carry out a legally compliant transport.

If you have any questions, our dangerous goods officers are always available to answer them.

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