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Chemical Check Safety at work

Specialist for safety at work / Sifa

Risk assessment / handling / storage

Safety at work specialists have the task of advising companies on all issues of workplace safety.

The specialists for Safety at work from Chemical Check GmbH will be pleased to support you in this task, for example in preparing a risk assessment or the storage of your chemicals. If required, we can calculate the working time for your company as specified in the DGUV 2 regulations.

Risk assessments

Risk assessment is the central element in occupational health and safety. It is the basis for systematic and successful safety and health management. The implementation of risk assessment is required by numerous regulations. After incidents/accidents, the first measure required by the responsible authorities is to inspect the risk assessment.

The specialists for Safety at work will be pleased to help you with this task.

Storage of chemicals

When activities involving hazardous substances are carried out, these hazardous substances must be kept or stored in such a way that they do not endanger human health or the environment. Numerous "storage-relevant" regulations have been drawn up to make this principle more concrete.

Frequently it is not known in the company which regulations must be observed. This can result in a large liability risk for those responsible.

The experts at Chemical Check GmbH will be pleased to advise you on this topic.

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