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Chemical Check Hazardous substances

Safety data sheets

Information in the supply chain

The safety data sheet is the central means of communicating safety-relevant information on substances and mixtures in the supply chain. It is aimed at professional users and contains information on the properties of the substance or mixture for safe handling. The form and content of the safety data sheet is regulated in Article 31 and Annex II of REACH.

You must make the safety data sheets available to your respective customer at the latest when you first deliver a product.

Chemical Check GmbH produces safety data sheets for all EU and EEA countries.

The strengths of Chemical Check GmbH

  • Own raw material databases - Chemical Check GmbH checks your raw material data sheets, only valid data is used as a basis for the recipes - no standard data records
  • Test data and expert opinions are taken into account
  • National exposure limit values are monitored and regularly updated
  • All texts and phrases not specified by the EU are translated by native speakers
  • Rapid implementation of legal changes by the in-house IT department of Chemical Check GmbH
  • Automatic update service - daily updated

Chemical Check GmbH can also prepare all necessary safety data sheets for your company.

Important for the preparation of your safety data sheets

Safety data sheets provide users of substances and mixtures with the information they need to protect human health and the environment. The information contained is the basis for risk assessments by the safety at work specialist and for the implementation of the resulting protective measures at the workplace by the employer. Safety data sheets are divided into 16 sections. The contents of the individual sections are specified in the Guidance in REACH.

Safety data sheets must be provided in the official language(s) of the Member State in which the product is placed on the market. ECHA has published an overview on this. English as a "general" language of distribution is not allowed. Hazard and safety phrases and other elements of the classification and labelling must be in accordance with the official text published in the CLP Regulation 1272/2008. A pure translation does not meet the legal requirements.

National regulations for the protection of human health and environment must be taken into account. These are e.g. national occupational exposure limits and water hazard classes.

For hazardous substances registered in the tonnage range above ten tonnes per year and per registrant, an extended safety data sheet with exposure scenarios must be prepared. Exposure scenarios describe how the exposure of humans and the environment to a substance can be controlled to ensure safe use.

Formulators of hazardous mixtures shall submit together with the safety data sheet relevant information from the exposure scenarios of the ingredients, if available from the supply chain.

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