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Prohibited Chemicals Ordinance (ChemVerbotsV)

Expertise / requirements for selling parties and companies

The Ordinance on the Prohibition of Chemicals (ChemVerbotsV) imposes various obligations both on employees entrusted with the supply of products and on the companies themselves.


As of June 2019, any expertise acquired e.g. as part of a course of study or professional qualification is no longer valid indefinitely!

If more than six years have passed since the examination or the acquisition of the qualification, the expert knowledge must be proven by participation in a one-day further training event of a competent authority or an institution recognised for this purpose by the competent authority. This must be repeated every 6 years.
Alternatively, the expertise can be refreshed every 3 years in a half-day training session. If this period is exceeded, the competence is suspended and no related activities may be carried out until further proof is provided by attending a training course.

The subsidiary “Gefahrstoffberatung” is recognised both for the acceptance of expert knowledge examinations (initial examinations - comprehensive and limited) and as a further training institution in accordance with § 11 Paragraph 1 No. 2 ChemVerbotsV!

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Permission or notification requirement?

Anyone who supplies substances or mixtures listed in Annex 2 only to resellers, professional users and public research, testing and teaching institutions is only required to notify the competent authority in writing of the initial supply or provision of the substances or mixtures before commencing this activity and does not require permission. The notification must designate a competent person who has the appropriate expertise. Employees entrusted with the supply of products must be instructed once a year by the competent person named in the notification in order to be considered as authorised persons who may supply the above-mentioned group of persons.

You do not have a competent person in your company? Correspondingly competent employees of Chemical Check will take over this task for you!

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