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Chemical Check Hazardous substances

Product registration / product notification from Chemical Check

for chemical mixtures, detergents, biocides and cosmetic products

Our product registration / product notification for chemical mixtures, biocides, detergents and cosmetics makes your product marketable!

Most of the national notifications described here remain valid until 2025 at the latest, but notifications e.g. to Scandinavian product registers will continue to be required beyond that date.

Information on the new harmonised notification procedure of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) can be found here.

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Why must chemical products be notified / registered?

Article 45 of the CLP Regulation 1272/2008 stipulates that the individual member states must designate an official body responsible for receiving product notifications or product registrations.

The purpose of a product notification or product registration is to provide sufficient information on chemical products, especially in emergencies. Official bodies are either poison information centres directly or are authorised to forward information on notified products to poison information centres.

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When must my product be notified / registered?

According to article 45, a product notification is required for chemical mixtures that

  • as hazardous due to physical properties, or
  • as hazardous due to properties hazardous to health

are classified. Some countries have added further parameters to the national reporting obligation:

  • environmentally hazardous mixtures
  • Mixtures with hazardous ingredients not classified as hazardous
  • substances which are not marketed under their chemical name but under a non-specific trade name
  • Product register depending on import volumes
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What needs to be reported?

Depending on the national notification or registration obligations, the following data may be required:

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Do you distribute products throughout Europe?

  • Your product should be marketable in Europe / EEA countries?
  • You have not yet reported your products?
  • Your products are not marketable?
  • You would like to make voluntary reports to poison information centres?

Chemical Check GmbH notifies and registers responsibly for you and your distributors!

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