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Lithium Ion Batteries

The matter of lithium ion batteries has gotten more and more importance in the last years.

Especially regarding the „defect“ lithium ion batteries much has happened. In order to transport a “defect” battery, you need a permission of the authority by now (defect prototype / defect battery not safe for transport) or the transport has to be notified to the authority (defect battery safe for transport).

To be able to assess a transport of lithium ion batteries, following questions need to be answered beforehand:

  • Does the battery correspond to a certified type (Test Requirements of the Manual, Tests and Criteria sub-section 38.3) or are they prototypes/small series?
  • Does it concern a „defect“  battery (and if yes, is it „safe for transport“ or not)?
  • Does it concern the “single” battery or is it packed with or in equipment?
  • Which nominal energy in Watt hours does the battery possess?

The ICAO/IATA has published an own guideline for the air transport of lithium ion batteries.

In the area of road and sea transport there are a multitude of special provisions and packing instructions.

Chemical Check GmbH will gladly assist you to clarify all these questions so that you can undertake a legally certain transport.

In case of questions, our Safety Officers for Transport /Hazardous Goods will gladly be of assistance at any time.

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