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EC-Safety Data Sheets

The EC-safety data sheet is the central instrument for communicating safety-related information for substances and mixtures in the supply chain. It is addressed to professional users and contains specifications on the characteristics of the substance or mixture for safe use. Shape and content of the EC-safety data sheet are regulated by Article 31 and Annex II of the REACH Regulation.

You must provide the EC-safety data sheet of the particular purchaser at the latest at the first delivery.

Chemical Check GmbH elaborates EC-safety data sheets (SDS) for all EU and EEC countries.


  • Shape and content according to REACH, Annex II
  • In the respective official language(s)
    English as "general" sales language is not permitted
  • Using the texts regulated by law for the respective language(s)
  • National regulations have to be regarded. No more translations

The strenghts of Chemical Check GmbH:

  • Our own raw material data bases - Chemical Check GmbH checks your raw material safety data sheets, only valid data will be taken as a basis for the formulations - no standard data sets
  • Test data and export reports will be considerd
  • National exposure limit values will be monitored and actualized on a regularly basis
  • All texts and phrases which are not specified by the EU will be translated by native speakers
  • Fast implementation of legislative changes by the in-house IT of Chemical Check GmbH
  • Automatic updated service - on a daily basis

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