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No matter which substances, mixtures and products are concerned, Chemical Check GmbH tests for you!

Chemical and physical analyses? Flammable liquids? Irritant and corrosive effects? Reviewing formulations? In-vitro tests? Transport classification? Product classification according to Hazardous Substances Law? Toxicity and eco-toxicity according to OECD, GLP and further methods? Product safety?  Quality testing? Market surveillance? Statutory and voluntary tests for your articles of daily use / products? Pollutant content?

  • Which tests are really necessary?
  • What do you have to do to meet your responsibility as retailer and/or producer?
  • What has to be considered for which kind of product (electric devices, toys, clothing, medical devices etc.)?

Product liability? Safety tests? Comparison tests?

  • When do legal basics, standards, critical change values vary?
  • What is allowed and what is not?

Details can be found in the particular sub-sections!

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