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Hazardous material advice

Here you can learn more about Chemical Check GmbH. Chemical Check GmbH has been a competent partner in the fields of hazardous substances law, transport and Safety at work for over 28 years. For the international marketing of your products, we design customised solutions for your product portfolio or advise you on internal handling and storage.

A guided tour through Chemical Check GmbH (available in German language)

24h emergency number

Why do I need a 24h emergency number? A short explanation of the connection between the entry of a 24h emergency number in section 1.4 of the EC safety data sheets, product notifications at poison information centres, product notifications according to article 45 of the CLP Regulation 1272/2008 and emergency numbers for international transport.

The emergency call number

Why do chemical products have to be reported/registered?

Article 45 of the CLP Regulation 1272/2008 stipulates that the individual member states must designate an official body responsible for receiving product notifications or product registrations. The purpose of a product notification or product registration is to provide sufficient information, especially in emergencies. Extended reporting obligations may result from national regulations, e.g. reporting in product registers depending on import quantities, entries of emergency numbers in safety data sheets or e.g. for detergents and cleaning agents.

Product notifications